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i.mx6 evk 3.0.35_4.1.0  WiFi USB dongle support

Question asked by Chuck Adams on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by imx learner

I see buried in the kernel configuration menu is some support for a few WiFi USB dongles.  I have a couple of these, the TP Link TL-WN725N V2 which uses a Realtek 8188 and a Edimax EW-7811U which uses a RealTek 8192.   The kernel configuration entries are

< >   Realtek RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter (NEW)            
<*>   Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU USB Wireless Network Adapter       

I have tried the 8188 setup with the TPLink dongle and can not see a wlan0 in iwconfig   (just lo and eth0, both indicate no wireless extensions) 

I have also tried cross compiling the 8188 driver supplied by ReakTek and then loading the 8188eu.ko using "insmod". The driver inserts into the kernel and can be seen using lsmod.  But again no wireless device in iwconfig.  I have also tried creating a /etc/network/interfaces file, no luck with this either.  I'm new to this so I am sure I am missing a thing or two, anyone have any luck getting a usb wifi dongle working?


EDIT additional news

Did some more fiddling around and seemed to have had some luck I have four Wifi USB dongles now able to create a wlan0 entry in iwconfig.  So for your info the dongles are:

Sabrent USB-A11N Nano USB 2.0  - RTL8188CUS

TP-LINK TL-WN725N Ver2.0 Nano USB Wireless N - RTL8188EUS

DLINK DWA-121 Ver A1 / FW Ver 1.0 - RTL8188CUS

Edimax EW-7811UN - RTL-8188CUS

Three of the dongles use one driver (CUS) and the forth uses another driver (EUS).  Both drivers are loaded as .ko using insmod.

Next step is to actually get WiFi working.