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For iMX53 (OS:WinCE7) , Is there an effective  way to  packet h264 data(output from vpu encoding  camera datas ) to TS format??

Question asked by sun ajiang on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by Joan Xie

Hi Everyone:


  I'm trying to use imx53 smd board to do this job:

    a) show camera pictures on screen (25 frames per second);

    b) simultaneously , vpu encodes the camera's yuv420 pictures into h264  format;

    c) after vpu encoded one frame, packet this  ES data into TS (transport stream) format;

    d) send this packeted TS  to VLC player(running on PC) using UDP;



I have finished a)、b) and d),  but I got stuck in c).

For Linux or Android OS, it seems that ffmpeg and gstream tools can  accomplish this task , but for WinCE7, I have to write an  algorithm to convert H264 format to TS format.  Unfortunately ,  my algorithm doesn't work well, from VLC debug tool,  it says that  CRC32 error occurred  when I start  sending TS data. I have no way to solve this problem.


Could FreeScale or someone offers  a right method  to  packet h264  to TS format ?? (WinCE OS)