Bill Hardy

CW 6.4  How can I set Memory Configuration File

Discussion created by Bill Hardy on Jul 31, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2007 by CrasyCat
I have a project for a board that we are building. In the cfg folder of the project there are two files:
WFG.mem  (which is identical to MCF5213.mem) from the configurations  and
WFG.cfg (which is identical to MCF5213.cfg)

These two files show in the Debugger Files group in the IDE.

I can make the project just fine but when I try too debug it I get a message "Could not open memory configuration file."  I think it is looking for "MCF5211.mem".

How can I get the IDE to use the file I want?

From this particular project I also cannot get the flash programmer to run. 

From other projects I have everything works fine.  I just can't seem to find where the difference is that keeping this one from working.

Anyone have idea as to what I am doing wrong?