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FEC CodeWarrior MPC56xx - Tx repeting bytes

Question asked by Mauricio Donatti on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by Mauricio Donatti

I've configured FEC in a MPC5604 to send frames to a PC. I sniffe PC ethernet port to verify that the data has been sent. It works, but the data received in PC is sometimes inverted or lost.

First, I configure I/Os, configure and start ethernet devices, configure the PHY with all reference manual recommandations, and it works perfectly. My TxBD buffer pointer is initialized with :


txDesc[0].length = 500;


       txBuf[i]=(unsigned char)i%256;



After, I set the BD status and mark TDAR as ready to start :


txDesc[0].status = 0x8C00;



When I sniffe PC ethernet port I have :



For example, in the first packet, it loses 06 and 07 and sends 0a and 0b two times. (and this error occurs many times)

I also verified memory addresses and they are perfect : 01,02,03 ..., FF

I don't know if its an ethernet DMA problem or any register configuration. Anyone did have this same problem?


thank you