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Help with USB

Question asked by Arun Kumar on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by peterweatherall

Hello ,

I am currently trying out the USB module on my K60(MK60FN1MOVLQ12),in device mode.

Basically,i want to accomplish two things:

1.a simple loop back i.e i write something in hyper terminal and the same content should be echoed back to the same terminal.

2.Text written in hyper terminal should be echoed on an LCD


I have read a few forums and it seems we need to add a few user made processor expert modules?

If someone could point me to an example using this /or similar controller,that would help me a lot.


I have tried using the USB_LDD component but i always mess up with the timings.


I have looked at a few tutorials(links below) but some of their PE components are not there in my current PE component library


Please Help