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linker control file for RAM partition

Question asked by Ming Jiang on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by Nasreen Shaikh


My target is a K10DX128 with 32K of RAM splits evenly into two 16K sections (SRAM_L and SRAM_H). My latest code build utilizes more than 16K of global variables. The linking process failed due to SRAM_L overflow and the linker dont seem to know to put excessive variables into SRAM_H. So I attempted to modify .ld (linker control file) by specifying a certain file and its variables to be included in SRAM_U space. I added the following block into the linker control file:


  .extra_data :


   file1.o (.bss)

    . = ALIGN(4);

  } > m_data_20000000 /* this section refers to SRAM_U starting at 0x2000000 */

I re-built my project again. This time the linker generated "can't find file1.o" error. And yet file1.c was complied and the corresponding obj file (file1.o) was created under project/Flash folder. Any ideal what went wrong?