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IMX27 Board is not Flashing

Question asked by Mohammed Azlum on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2013 by Yuri Muhin

We are using IMX27 (MCIMX27VOP4A-M72J-CTAM1325Z)

processor & PMIC-MC13783VK5 for G3 project. We need to

program the NOR flash(S29GL256N) using serial port(UART)

in our G3 board using Advanced tool kit(ATK). Some of the

boards are not able to program the NOR flash. I have

mentioned below the error showing on ATK Window while

programming the NOR flash.I have attached the Images.

Also , Some of the boards are suddenly got failed after 3-4

moths.After that , those boards are not able to re-flash & boot

( Initially Passed Boards).Those failed boards are impedance

& voltages,Clocks are proper.

Please suggest your Input.



Below i have mentioned issues while flashing.

1)Can't execute RAM kernal.

2)Connection error. Please reset the board and make sure the

board in

bootstrap mode.(Most of the time showing this issue)

3)Reset the target.

Note : While Flashing boards are in bootstrap mode.