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K60F12 Tower ENET not receiving

Question asked by joe hinkle on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Garabo

I'm implementing the low level ENET initialization code as stated in "Kinetis Peripheral Module Quick Reference".


I'm using a K60F12 tower - I know it works because I had MQX running on it.


I can transmit just fine.


Issue -- the ENET does not receive.  Not a single event in EIR.  Tried with broadcast messages and with PROM mode active.


I'm using wireshark and can see the messages I'm transmitting and the messages that the ENET should be responding to ... but it appears dead.


Does any one know of an undocumented gotchas associated with getting the K60 ENET to receive?


My initialization code for the ENET is directly from the reference stated above except I also activated some of the Transmit and receive accelerators.


Thanks in advance for any comments.