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Configuring Display Interface For a new LCD(i.MX53).

Question asked by ricardo sousa on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by jimmychan

Hello, Community.


Recently, I'm trying to interface a Trully LCD. It's a 240x320(portrait) display, with RGB666 interface, VSYNC, HSYNC, PIXCLK and DE signals. Looking for references on Linux kernel(on arch files of the QSB board and SABRE), and reading IMX53 User Manual, I figured out that some pins of the DI module(DI0_PINxx) can act as VSYNC, HSYNC and DE, but I don't realize where in the BSP each generic pin is assigned with a specific function. Can someone help me?


For the record: on mx53_loco.c file, those pads are configured as sync pins:




On QSB schematic, they are, respectively, DE, HSYNC and VSYNC. As these IPU pins are generics, I want to know where they are specifically configured.




Ricardo Gurgel.