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Declare & read pin without Processor Expert

Question asked by Jems Lesco on Oct 22, 2013
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I'm a newbie with freescale processor ( and english laguage also). I have a TWR-K20 and I've already code some little things but with PE. I would like now to enter in the detail of the µC. And my problem is really simple I suppose !


I understand how to program the port register ( PORTx_PCR, PORTx_GPCLR, PORTx_GPCHR. ) But I don't know how to declare and read a port. My question seems to be really stupid but I'm lost ! For exemple when i was working with microchip if I wanted to declare  a pin I writen              # define  PIN1  PORTAbit.RA1.


If someone has an exemple it will be nice !


Thanks a lot  !