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from project MCF52259 with MQX 3.7(codewarrior 7.2) to codewarrior 10.5

Question asked by Riccardo Gennari on Oct 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by Riccardo Gennari

Hello, I have this bad problem.

I have developed my project on an XP machine working with Codewarrior 7.2 and MQX operating system version 3.7.

Now I was forced to migrate to a Windows 7 machine and installed the new CodeWarrior 10.5.

I would like to continue to develop my project but I am given the opportunity to import the project.

When I try to import it tells me "This toolchain is not supported for this target.".

What does this mean? but if I try to create a new project with MQX everything works properly.

Why? Am I missing some step? Amount I of the project. Mcp but does not give me the chance to finish the procedure.



Thank you for your courtesy.