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MCF52235 - Problem with my FTP Client.

Discussion created by Nilson Magro on Jul 30, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2007 by Bryan Kattwinkel
I built a FTP Server and its working flawless, i can connect, log in, tranfer big files and disconnect multiple times (like 1000) without problems.
My FTP Client works like this...after some time, it connects to a server, logs in, uploads a big file (1-8MB) and disconnects. The problems appears after some connections, it can open the control socket but cant open the data socket(the data socket remains invalid), looks like it runs out of memory and cant create the socket, its strange but it can create the control socket, but not the data socket...
Client and Server are in the same task and they use the same sockets.
I already tried to wait more time between connections, tried to reduce and increase stack sizes and buffer sizes.

Do you guys have any idea how can i try to solve this?
Thank you.
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