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Video decoding on i.MX515 using VPU

Question asked by Tamas Selmeci on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by Tamas Selmeci

Hello all!


I'd like to use MX515's VPU to do video decoding. I've got the video stream source separated into single frames, I just want to have the VPU decode the frames and return them. It would be very nice if I could avoid using GStreamer.


What are your suggestions?

-1) shall I use the OpenMAX interface and let it handle all the things with libvpu (e.g. vpu_Init(...) and others)?

-1.1) from a (high level) programmer's view, is it possible to focus only on OpenMAX?

-2) is it better to use libvpu directly?

-3) where can I find the sources to compile libvpu? I was unable to find any usable source code;

-4) where can I find VPU firmware files? I only found some vpu_fw_imx51.bin files installed in lucid_1108.tar.gz distribution. I can't believe this is the adequate source to firmware files;

-5) I have a package called libfsl which includes several files like this: Which component uses these files? libvpu? OpenMAX? Can it cause a problem that I have an i.MX515 (which is Cortex A8), but the libs are apparently compiled for ARM11 (or ARM9), as the suffix suggests?

-6) how can the MXC VPU kernel module be fed with the firmware file?


Any help is appreciated, many thanks, regards,