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Help for a beginner with a TWR-K60D100M

Question asked by Zeno Maspoli on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by David E Seymour
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Hi everybody,


I just started using this twr, and I'm a brand new user of freescale.

I've downloaded CW for MCU 10.4, and then I've followed the "FLS_MQX_in_CW_10_x" guide

for debug some example project. Now I want to do some easy programs by myself.

For do that the guide use MQX 3.7 Project wizard, my CW created the MQX-lite Project wizard.

When it's the moment of select the board in the guide there is the "kinetis evaluation boards" family, where

there are the twr systems, I havn't found a service pack for add that option, so i go under the K60D (100Hz) family,

but then I'm not sure which mcu choose. TWR K60D100M uses the MK60DN512VMD10 mcu, and the wizard let me choose

between MK60DN512 or MK60DN512Z.


I think I'm missing some option or some software. Can someone show me the best way for start a new project with this board ?

thank you!!