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How to add a micron MT41J64M16 sdram to a i.MX53 core board?

Question asked by cheng wu on Oct 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by cheng wu

Dear all,

          I have an i.MX53 board with a micron MT41J64M16 sdram, which is with 13bits' row address width, 10 bits' column address width and 16 bits' data width. I try to write & read the sdram by JTAG after initalizing the sdram, but there is something wrong, when I write some data to an address such like 0x70001000, I can read the value from address 0x70001004 but not 0x70001000, and the data in address 0x70001000 does not change, write to 0x70001004 will chang the value at 0x70001008, etc. Does anyone know what's the problem? Or does anyone use this sdram on an i.MX board ever? Please tell me how should I config the sdram correctly, thank you very much.