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How to Add Micron 29f32g08cbaca to imx25 core board

Question asked by guru guru on Oct 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by Lily Zhang
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Dear All,


I have changed the samsung nand flash with Micron (29f32g08cbaca Nand flash which has 224 bytes spare size) on imx25 core board.


Now i have booting up the board through sd card (my u boot.bin in sd card only ). it is saying that in the boot message "No Nand device found !!" when i booted up with Micron.


Please any one provide me the input to work with Micron 29f32g08cbaca on imx25 core booard.


And How i can load the u boot .bin file to Micron 29f32g08cbaca through free scale advanced tool kit. i tried but nothing happened.


what are changes should i need to do with u boot and kernel 2.6.31?


i need to boot the board In NAND flash boot swith mode with Micron


Note: Now i am booting the board through sd card .