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Flash Erase problem from the bootloader !

Question asked by Svetozar Yamakov on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2013 by Edward Karpicz

Hello Everyone,


I am making a product using S12D64 and for ddevelopmenttool I am using USB Multilink with CodeWarrior. After a few years of successful experience and product realization

I decided to add a serial bootloader. But I am suffering serious Flash Erase problem and couldn't solve it. After I made MASS ERASE from the boatloader the S12D64 became totally unrecognisable by the USB Multilink. After I made 2 IC useless, I try alternative solution with SECTOR ERASE. I successfully erased and programmed a few sectors and after that gradually increased erasing flash areas. I erased memory area $4000-$7FFF and after that IC was recognizable, I erased additionally a few sectors from area above $C000 and again the IC was recognizable. But when I erased the whole page $C000-$FFFF the IC became unrecognisable again.

Can someone has any idea what I am making wrong and how to fix it?