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our product need to connect a CVBS camera and a MHL recevier at the same time. How to realize?

Question asked by lipeng zhang on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2014 by zhanxiaozhang

Our company is planning to use Freescale's IMX6 processors to be our new  AVN developing platform. Our AVN platform need to connect rear view camera and smartphone device HDMI /MHLBut I don't know how to connect them at the same time。Though freescale suggests me to use the OV5640 to output the serial CSI interface data fornatbut there is a problemThe OV5640 CMOS camera sensorPixel is 5 millionIt fits the phone and other handheld device. But most of the car camera interface is analog CVBS ,or analog RGB signal. They need to transmit from the rear of the car to the dashboard and the pixels are always less than 1 millionHow can I convert the analog CVBS or analog RGB signal to the serial MIPI CSI signal. The OV5640 seems can not do the work. Who have better idea or suggestion? by the way, the HDMI /MHL signal will be convert to YCbCr422 16bit by the  HDMI /MHL receiver EP9553E . We need to connect the CVBS camera and  HDMI /MHL receiver  at the same time. I  need experts help.

   thank you .