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Throughput from CSI-2 to DDR in i.MX6S/D/Q

Question asked by Markus - on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2013 by Yuri Muhin



I dont have much experience working with cameras and camera interfaces, and now I am trying to investigate if the i.MX6 can suit my needs. I need to capture (to DDR memory) as well as display still images coming from a Monochrome CCD sensor with a resolution of 1932x1452 pixels and I need to capture around a maximum of 40 images per second (display rate can be lower) and store them as raw data into the DDR memory. I suspect I will need 12 bits resolution per pixel (I only need on color since it is monochrome). This gives a total data rate of around 1.35 Gigabit of raw image data. I'm thinking of using all four CSI-2 lanes on a i.MX6 Dual (as this fits well with the 4 channels of the CCD sensor), which then should have more than enough bandwidth. However, I am unsure if this can be handled internally (For example I've read that the Gigabit Ethernet controller which in theory should handle 1 Gigabit can only support around 400 Mbit/s due to internal limitations). I suspect there should be no problems as I've seen people with higher resolution RGBs at around the same frame rate, but since I lack the knowledge I am not sure if there is any difference between raw images and video (or if they at this stage are actually the same). Will I have any issues getting the data into the DDR?


Also in chapter on this document: I cannot find any support for up to 12 bits resolution of a single color, which is what I need. Is there no support for more than 8 bits of a single color?