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Problem running AN2295

Question asked by Fernando Ramon on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by adrian lopez


I downloaded the project "AN2295_Kinetis" KINETIS K 100MHz. I try to run on my board with MK60DN512 in debugger mode, and when it enters the while (1) to await receipt of characters from the serial port, the debugger gives the error:

ARM Processors, AN2295_Kinetis.afx (Suspend)
Thread [ID: 0x0] (Suspended: Signal 'Halt' received. Description: User halted thread)
1 0xE0B003E8 (0xE0B003E8) () 0xe0b003e8

The project is the original Freescale. I'm using in my board the UART3 to conect with PC.

I've also noticed that when I run the program win_hc08sprg.exe attempts to detect the target, nothing is coming out the computer's serial port.

Someone can help me?. Thanks in advance.