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NVCC_SRTC_POW's voltage

Question asked by Xiaobing Tang on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2013 by Wigros Sun

    Hello, I need your help.

The problem is like this. I use a LTC3589-1 as the power supply IC for iMX536. The NVCC_SRTC_POW is supplied by LTC3589-1's LDO1. Before power up of VIO_3.3V, LDO1 is 1.3V, but after Vio is powered on as 3.3V, LDO1's voltage becomes 1.87V. Disconnect the NVCC_SRTC_POW pad and LTC3589-1's LDO1, NVCC_SRTC_POW's voltage is 1.87V, and LDO1's voltage is 1.35V. It is my first time to use LTC3589-1 as a PMIC,  Is there something fault and the fault information show out through the pad?

3x for your attention.