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RTC Alarm does not work properly.

Question asked by Daniel Chai on Oct 14, 2013


In MQX4.0.1, I use the following code to create a RTC alarm. But when it enter the rtc_alarm_interrupt, the RTC_SR is always 0x10 which seems wrong. Because it is an alarm interrupt, it should be 0x04.     Please advice.


Thank you.


void rtc_alarm_interrupt(pointer rtc_registers_ptr)


    uint_32 ui32Status = 0;

    ui32State = _rtc_get_status();


    if(ui32State & RTC_RTCISR_ALM)



    ui32Status = RTC_SR;




void main()



     DATE_STRUCT alarm_time_rtc;

     TIME_STRUCT alarm_time_mqx;


     if(MQX_OK != _rtc_int_install(rtc_alarm_interrupt))





     if(0 == _rtc_int_enable(TRUE, RTC_RTCIENR_ALM))





    _time_to_date(&alarm_time_mqx, &alarm_time_rtc);

    alarm_time_rtc.SECOND += 30;