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Nandflash problems on TWRK60F120M

Question asked by Michael Eglington on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by Michael Eglington

I am trying to run the nandflash and mfs_nandflash examples on a TWR-K60F120M Rev C board. I able to compile and run the examples, but they don't work as expected (details below). I'm using Codewarrior 10.4, MQX 4.0.2 and the MQX 4.0.2 Flash File System patch.


When I run nandflash, I get the "all bad blocks" problem described here: The output I get is:

MQX NAND Flash Example Application



NAND Flash device nandflash: opened

Obtaining NAND Flash organization data ...

ID: 0x0

Physical page size: 2048 bytes

Spare area size: 64 bytes

Block size: 131072 bytes

Number of blocks: 2048

Width: 16

Number of virtual pages: 524288

Virtual page size: 512 bytes


Block #0 is bad

Block #1 is bad

Block #2 is bad

Block #3 is bad


Block #2046 is bad

Block #2047 is bad


Size of the write buffer allocated in RAM: 16384 bytes


Erasing block #0 failed.

Writing data to 16 virtual pages of block #0 ... Done


Reading data back from 16 virtual pages of block #0 ... Failed

Comparing data ... Compare failed


When I run mfs_nandflash, I get a similar problem to that described here: Everything seems to work until I try fsopen, which asks me to run repair. Repair claims to work, and then the next fsopen claims to work, but then "format a:" fails. I have tried multiple permutations, but that is as far as I get:

This is the Flash File System example, type help for list of available commands
If this is the first time you use the demo, you should run "nanderasechip" command first.
Shell (build: Oct 14 2013) Copyright (c) 2013 Freescale Semiconductor;

shell> nanderasechip
Erasing entire chip ...

Please use fsopen command to re-open NAND flash device.
shell> fsopen
Unable to open nandflash device.
You must run Repair command

shell> nandrepair
Repairing... Repair successfully

shell> fsopen
NAND flash device was opened.

shell> format a:
Error, file system a: not found


I tried to implement the solution described here:, but the code snippet described doesn't exist in int_gpio.c. I found a similar snippet in bsp_cm.c and inserted line 4 from the above solution, but it didn't change the results.


Any ideas?

Thanks for the help.