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Question asked by Gustav Bergquist on Oct 14, 2013
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We have developed a board using a MK10FX512 144-LQFP.

The clock is fed from an external oscillator to OSC1. We would like to use PLL1 to make this our system clock but all documentation (datasheets and example code) we can find seems to be missing some information.


This is based on this comment (in mcg.c

  // Check if OSC1 is being used as a reference PLL for the MCGOUT

  // This requires a more complicated MCG configuration.

  // At this time (Sept 8th 2011) this driver does not support this option


Looking at the datasheets (K10P144M120SF3 and K10P144M120SF3RM) no reference can be found to how to do this.

The state diagram on page 610 in K10P144M120SF3RM suggest it is impossible to enter PEE-mode using OSC1 and PLL1 as MCGCLKOUT.


Is this impossible?