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iMX536 NVCC_SRTC Abnormal

Question asked by Xiaobing Tang on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by Donny Chiu

     Hello,I come here for your help!   

     It is like this: Use LTC3589-1 as a PMIC For iMX536, connet LDO1 to NVCC_SRTC_1V3. When not Powrn ON, the LDO1 out is 1.3V,after power on,LDO1 changes to 1.8V.when I Cut off the connectiong between NVCC_SRTC_1V3 and LTC3589-1's LDO1,NVCC_SRTC_1V3's voltage is 1.8V,and LDO1's voltage is 1.3V.

     Is there something settings wrong?


     PS: LDO power input VDD_REG is measured as 2.5V.