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DC Motors

Question asked by Valeriu Balaban on Oct 12, 2013
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We want to participate this year at Freescale Cup, but using the old kit from last year. The problem is that the old kit have a broken motor, it's spins slower by 20%, so we have different cornering speeds depending on the direction.


We need 2 new motors, one as spare part, but to buy a whole kit just for this motors it's too expensive. Other solution is to buy from big distributors like Digikey, Mouser, Farnell, but they don't have anything similar (7.2V - 16000 rpm). Also I don't find this motor on the manufacturer site: STANDARD MOTOR - Powered by Source Technology Limited. Something similar I saw only on ebay: Metal Housing Round Shape Magnetic Micro Motor 16000rpm 0 7A 7 2V DC | eBay, but dimensions differs.


Can you provide a list of allowed motors from known companies that can be found in Europe, because DC motor is a very important part that is easy to broken when you start to run at high speed.


Second question:

2. The chassis can be modified, with some restrictions:

a. The footprint of the frame may not be altered

b. You may not change the distance between wheels

With this in mind, it is allowed to cut 2 cm of the frame in front of servo just to be easier to climb the slope?