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mcf5225x  ADC pins

Question asked by KriendDay on Oct 11, 2013



I've been loading the example ADC program that come with MQX 3.8.1 on to my m52259demo board.  It's working on screen (via serial).  However,  I'm having a tough time actually sampling anything.  I don't know how it was set up.  Primarily, I understand that your ref voltage pins are based on what you write to the CAL (power reference) register.  I have tried connecting AN2 to the board's 3.3v output and AN6 to the board's ground and to the supply's negative terminal.  I then connect AN0 to the supply's positive terminal.  Is this the correct way of setting it up.  There's no changes when I vary the DC power supply's voltage.


On the other hand, I can't even touch the Vrl and Vhl pins.  They come straight off the microprocessor.


Can anyone with experience with the ADC program that comes with this MQX help?  Cheers