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Is possible to do a MQX USB general purpose communication without virtual COM?

Question asked by raulnorthstar on Oct 11, 2013

Hi Freescale team and community.


I need to do a general purpose USB communication between Kinetis (TWR-K60 using MQX) and PC. The PC side is solved thanks to example from Freescale ("How to make a graphical user interface (GUI) for USB communication") and the extensive host drivers examples for PC. But in the microcontroller side, I am not able to do this.


I started using the good example of USB CDC Virtual COM and worked perfectly, but now, I need to do the communication without virtual COM port.


I have tried to do a new class driver using the manual "Freescale MQX USB Device User’s Guide" specifically the chapter "Chapter 4 Developing new Class Drivers", but it has a very short explanation and there are not any examples for to do a complete new class driver. Also I have tried to move the micro side code from Freescale example (How to make a graphical user interface (GUI) for USB communication) and neither I have been able.


I need some help with this theme and if somebody has an example, I would be greatful. Thanks!