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Trouble downloading application to MCF52259 target from CW10.X

Discussion created by Pablo Baena on Oct 10, 2013
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Hi, a strange error message is stopping me from downloading the application into my MCF52259 own boards and Tower module. I have already tried in several PCs, new CW installation, new MQX import, several boards, as well with OSDBDM and Multilink Universal. It completes previous erasing of flash, but then fails when programming.


One day code was downloading perfectly, the next day, without any change, it just will never download again.


Please anybody has a clue or encountered this anytime?


My enviroment:

CW 10.4 and 10.5 (Windows XP SP3)

Tower MCF52259

Debugger: Multilink Universal and embeded OSBDM.

Application: MQX examples


Here's the error message:


Downloading Flash Device Driver ... 

Reading flash ID ... 

Auto-detection is successful. 

  File is of type Elf Format. 


Downloading 0x0000E02F bytes to be programmed at 0x0000C000 

Executing program .... 

<e>Error:  Program failed.   Flash driver reports the following error(s): The flash device algorithm was interrupted during execut


Please check if the flash base address is correct or if there are any flash devices mapped inside the selected memory space.

If a custom target initialization file was used then check the following parameters: flash base address, flash bank size and flash

bank port size.

Please enable Verify Target Memory Writes in Target Configuration to check that the algorithm downloads correctly. If you are down

loading the algorithm to DDR try checking your DDR configuration.</e>