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MPC8349 - stabilty problem when try to run code on target

Discussion created by Seva Redkin on Jul 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2007 by Thierry Giraud
I am having stabilty problem when try to run code on target with MPC8349.
In particular after stepping through following code on MPC8349 with CodeWarrior Development Studio and EthernetTAP
 lis  r8, 0xe000
 li  r5, 0xc08
 add  r8, r8, r5
r8 has a value of 0xe0000c08 (as expected) and sometimes it has something like 0xe0000c0a
I thought that it is some problem with RAM (code is in RAM) and tested RAM. When accesing RAM from host system (eg load file1 into RAM, save RAM to file2, compare file1 and file2) there is no problem, so what is the problem then?

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