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K60 SPI PE, no delay between char

Question asked by aroste on Oct 10, 2013
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CW 10.4, MQX 4.0


I saw a lot of comments about this SPI but just not what I'm looking for, or links could be helpful.


I use the function "..._Inc_SendBlock" generated from PE.  In the PE settings page of my SPI I set a delay between chars.


If my block has 3 bytes, should these delay between these 3 bytes ?


Because I don't have any delay between, I even have the CLK time between 2 bytes that is shorter than the normal clock period.



Final use is:

One SPI connected device (accelerometer) need a delay between command byte and data out. So I wanted to set the delay between char corresponding to the needed delay. Doing will do that CS is still asserted, CLK is hold, and then continues for next byte after the delay.  But that doesn't work.