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MQX USB CDC Driver: Multiple Instances?

Question asked by Gary Kercheck on Oct 9, 2013
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We're using the MQX USB CDC driver on a Kinetis K70 processor.  We use the updated version of "fsl_ucwxp.inf" file to install the driver, which then loads "usbser.sys".  It has been working very well on the embedded side but the Windows driver side has a few issues.  I thought I would ask and see if anyone has experience or can point me to a solution:


1) Multiple instances of the driver show up as the same COM port on the PC.  The install of the Windows driver seems to work okay, but terminal programs don't see two separate COM ports, even when the actual COM port number is unique for the two devices.  Only one of our device can connect at a time.  Is this a limitation of the driver?  Any easy fix for this?


2) We've found that the driver installs on most PCs, but we have a customer with ASUS CPU boards and the driver won't install.  It reports a "driver cannot initiate" error.  Are there any known hardware incompatibilities with the driver?