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MPC5675K FlexPWM Help

Question asked by Sean Donohue on Oct 9, 2013

Hi, I am having difficulty seeing an output from the FlexPWM module. I am trying to set up a simple 1Hz PWM with a 50% duty cycle on FlexPWM0_B1. My MOTC clock source is the 16MHz IROsc divided down by 4 to get a 4MHz clock. In the FlexPWM, the IPBus clock is selected as source and the clock is divided down by 128 for a 31.25KHz PWM clock. INIT is -(31250/2), VAL0 is 0, VAL1 is 31250/2, VAL4 is -(31250/4) and VAL5 is 31250/4. Can someone tell me what is missing from my configuration?

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