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Maximum speed of QuadSPI

Question asked by Tomoki Okuno on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by Tomoki Okuno

Hi all,


We have a question similar to the thread No.349242.


According to the table 9-10 in the reference manual, We would like to use the QuadSPI at 104MHz,

but there is a description of "Maximum baud rate supported at SPI output(serial) is 83MHz" in the reference manual p.630.


Dose it mean that "Maximum baud rate supported at QuadSPI output(serial) is 83MHz"?


Also in the datasheet "QuadSPI timing(p.58)",  there is a description of 80MHz.

(if a clock length is 12.6ns, it mean that frequency is 79MHz)


Is it not possible that We use the QuadSPI at 104MHz?


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