Bill Hardy

Referencing Glogal Structures  CW for Coldfire 6.4

Discussion created by Bill Hardy on Jul 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2007 by Bill Hardy
In a file Globals.c I have a structure defined.
static struct
 int16 nHarmonics;
 int16 HIndex[16];
 uint16 HAmplitude[16];
 uint16 HPhase[16]; 
When I try to access the structure in other .c files using
external struct g_stWaveforms[];
Error   : illegal use of incomplete struct/union/class 'struct g_stWaveforms'
Command_Processor.c line 17   extern struct g_stWaveforms[]; 
Error   : undefined identifier 'g_stWaveforms'
Command_Processor.c line 72      g_stWaveforms[t_tmp_ui16a].nHarmonics =Get16( &g_CommandBuffer[t_cmd_offset+3);
How can I resolve this?