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Trouble controlling some bipolar stepper motors...

Discussion created by mauricio fernandez montoya on Jul 29, 2007
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in this moment i have 2 bipolar stepper motors from an old epson stylus 600 that a friend gave to me.   this motors  works  with 42 volts but  i discovered that they work fine at 12 volts.  the measurement of phase's resistance is about 5 - 6 ohms, that represents 2 and a half amperes.  the first time i tried using the original  motor controler (a disgusting ic with 28 pins and high amount of signals to control).  The B plan was a array of 4 discrete h bridges with transistors ( 2SC1162 and 2SA715) , but i noticed that they got very very hot at first, and some minutes later  they just blow out - specially the A715.  i have some integrated h bridges from freescale ( 33886).  In colombia is too hard to find that kind of stuff, and i dont want to broke them... (jeje, i dont have a second chance to use them).  so, should i connect the stepper motors to them or i have to do something else????

please i need some help.... thanks..

ahh, sorry, i know that this forum is about hc08 microcontrollers, but i couldn´t found another way to expose my problem... plus, i want to control the bipolar steppers with hc908gp32 microcontroller....

Greetings.... Mauricio

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