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Flash driver C90TFS Partition MK10FX512VLQ12

Question asked by mrandreas on Oct 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by Luis Casado
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I'm using the C90TFS version Beta035 with the keil IDE on the MK10FX512VLQ12 target.


I'm able to init, erase block, erase sector,  verify block, verify section and FlashProgramPhrase.


But I'm not allowed to partition the flexmem. When I debug I get error code 0x4 = FTFx_ERR_ACCERR. Sometimes the unit restarts or crash in the FlashCommandSequence called from the DEFlashPartition.


It doesn't seem to be related to the EEEDataSizeCode or the DEPartitionCode. I'm not allowed to FlashEraseAllBlock blocks but I'm allowed to FlashEraseBlock so I loop through all blocks before doing the partition command.


Anny Ideas?