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CW6.0 MCU - S08DZ60 - Troubles in generating SCI interruptions

Discussion created by Humberto Goncalves on Jul 28, 2007
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    I'm a new user of CodeWarrior IDE, I'm developing firmware for HS08 CPU cores. I'm trying to generate a simple interrupt for a TX routine (Serial Comm. Interface). The interrupt was intended to be generated via TDRE request, but when I debug the prgm I get the message from Command line in the True-Time Simulator....[SCI Warning - DMARE/DMATE bits are not functional and will prevent interrupts.]. I've tried to look in the HCS08 manual, and noting, but in a deep search I've found out that these bits exist in the HC08 family, but not in the HCS08 family wich is pretty wierd to me. I'd like to get some help, please.

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