Deepak Omanna

problem with QD4, pin number 2

Discussion created by Deepak Omanna on Jul 28, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2007 by David Payne
Dear sir,
I am using MCS908QD4,i want to turn on the SCR Connected to pin no. 2 & 5.
at first i used only pin no. 5 & pin no. 2 not in use.but there is no o/p on pin no. 5 & o/p at pin no. 2 showing some voltage.So plz tell me why i m not gettnig o/p,
my initial settings are like this,
SOPT1  = 0x50;           
  SPMSC1 = 0x1c;   
  SPMSC2 = 0x00;     
  ICSC1  = 0x00;  
 ICSC2  = 0x40;  
  ICSTRM = 0x99;   
  ICSSC  = 0x01;      
  SRS    =0x82;    
 SOPT2  = 0x00;                       
//*********************PORT INIT************************************************** 
PTAPE = 0x00;  
PTASE = 0x3f;
  PTADS = 0x18;    
PTADD = 0x18;