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MsgPool Error

Question asked by Paul Chadbourne on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by Paul Chadbourne

Hello everyone.  I am currently having an issue where when my code attempts to send a message to a task it sometimes generates an "Invalid Message" error in the Task Summary.  Now it does not happen every time.  Sometimes the code runs fine for a few seconds, sending messages just fine.  I currently have two tasks sending messages to a third task.  Both have experienced this invalid message error.  Now I can find in the MQX code where this Invalid Message Task Error is logged in the Task Summary.  This error is being generated specifically by an invalid message, not from trying to send a freed message or one already on a queue.  Also, when I run Check for Errors I also see that two tasks are reporting MsgPool errors saying that there are invalid messages in their pools.


I guess I have two questions.  First, does anyone have any idea why I am getting an invalid message error when performing a send?  This send is not complicated.  I allocate the message in the target task's pool, set the source and target in the message header, add some data, and then send the message.  Like I said this fails intermittently.  My second question is where are the MsgPool Errors I am seeing in Check for Errors logged in the MQX code?


Also it's worth mentioning that the MQX code that logs the Invalid Message error in the Task Summary does not log the error in Check for Errors.  Meaning when I put a breakpoint where the error is logged in Task Summary, the MsgPool Errors are already reported in Check for Errors.


I am running MQX v3.6 I believe.


Thanks the help and I hope I explained my issue clearly enough.