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Any recommendation regarding flash file system and media?

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by Ed Sutter

I've got my SABRESD board booting through SPI-NOR on ECSPI5 (hardware modified), and

I've installed the Kernel image and ROOTFS (ext2) on the eMMC, so I can now boot independent of

both the network and the SD card.  So far so good.

With this configuration in place, I was on the SABRESD's console while testing a driver

and I noticed something scary...

I tftp'd a file (script) to the board and ran it.  It worked fine.

Then I reset the board and allowed it to reboot (through SPI-NOR, using eMMC for kernel & rootfs).

I log in (root) and see the script where I put it, with the correct size but when I tried to execute

it, nothing happened.  Then I just tried to 'cat' the file and it acted like the file was empty; however

ls -l showed me that the file size was correct.  I was able to re-download the file; however, I have

no idea why the file kinda disappeared.  Not good!


So, my first question is: how resilient is the file system to arbitrary resets?

Second question: is there any data regarding the best FS choice (yaffs/jffs2/ext/etc...) to use

with eMMC?


Thanks for any thoughts,