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glBindAttribLocation crash on i.MX6

Question asked by Filip Piechocki on Oct 2, 2013
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I'm trying to use GLX on i.MX6 but my program crashes (Segmentation fault) whenever i use glBindAttribLocation(). The bt looks like:


(gdb) bt

#0  __glChipBindAttributeLocation (gc=0x6e512008, programObject=0x328358,

    index=0, name=0x9ab4 "posAttr")

    at src/chip/make/../chip_glsh_compiler.c:2207

#1  0x76b26528 in __glim_BindAttribLocation (program=3, index=0,

    name=0x9ab4 "posAttr")

    at src/glcore/programmable/make/../gc_gl_shader.c:1604

#2  0x76e817d4 in glBindAttribLocation (program=3, index=0,

    name=0x9ab4 "posAttr") at g_api_entry.c:2516

#3  0x00009748 in compileShaders () at main.c:210

#4  0x00009208 in main () at main.c:321


It is always crashing on this __glChipBindAttributeLocation and it is from My example program works fine on my desktop Ubuntu (and as it is GLX the no changes should be required), and the OpenGL calls remaind the same as I used with EGL and GLES2 and they were also working well on i.MX6. glxgears are working fine, so the problem is with this glBindAttribLocation function. I've checked it with kernel 3.0.35 and 3.5.7 with soft float drivers and it gives me always the same result. Does anyone knows anything about it? Is there any way to make it work?