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9S08DZ60 - About MCG and CGM configuration

Discussion created by Sangram Mali on Jul 27, 2007
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Hello All,
              Can you suggest me steps to configure MCG module in MC9S08DZ60 , which will be effective and give same output as CGM module of MC68HC908AZ60A. I am giving you code for CGM module , Crystal frequency used is 8 Mhz.
     PCTL=0x00; //PLL out
    PPG=0x26;  //PLL for 8MHz 
    PBWC=0x80; //AUTOMATIC mode
    PCTL=0x20; //PLL again
       while (PBWC_LOCK ==0 ) // PLL not engaged
      COPCTL=1;         //reset COP counter
     PCTL=0x30;   // PLL switch on
               I am studying MC9S08 manual. It is having different MCG modes. Very confusing....
I want to write code for MCG module.
           Please, guide to do so.
Thanks in advance.
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