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Anti-Aliasing problem on imx6 with opengl es 2.0

Question asked by Daniel Nevers on Sep 30, 2013
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We are developing an OpenGL ES 2.0 application on an imx6 platform. The tests where done using an HDMI connected display and seems to render properly.

But when we switched to the definitive platform, the same code rendered very badly. Pixelated lines with almost unreadable texts (textures). On this platform, the display is connected via LVDS using a resolution of 1024*768.


Here is how it looks the definitive platform :



Has you can see, the circle border is all pixelated and the text is almost unreadable (like "EL 69.9").


We tried activating blending and anti-aliasing via EGL and GLES but it does not seem to make any difference.

Could it be a hardware problem (as it works on hdmi but not lvds) or a software/coding problem ? It's my first try on opengl es so I may have made a mistake somewhere.


I'm kinda blocked here so all ideas are welcomed ! :-)


Thank you,


Daniel Nevers