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CW for MCU v10.5 bug: CW ProjectsView Project Loading Verification has encountered an error

Question asked by Carlos Cuevas on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by williamely

Hello, I'm getting this error:



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open CW v10.5

2. Create a new project for QG8 using Processor Expert. I tried SE8, PA60, QE8 and they work good, so it MUST be QG8 with Processor Expert.

3. Restart CW.

Now CW starts slow with a lot of CPU activity and shows this error.



1. Open the ".cproject" file inside the QG8 project folder.

2. Search and delete the string: parallelBuildOn="true"

3. Restart CW.

Everything works fine now.


Hope someone finds it useful.