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Timing of the i.MX6 UART RS485 mode?

Question asked by romariccrailox on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by ZeeFrench

I would like to use the UART feature of the i.MX6 for having a RS-485 driver connection, as per Figure 64-11 of the reference manual.

The goal is to drive the direction control (DREN) of a half-duplex transceiver under timing constraint.


Can you please confirm that in such a connection and with appropriate register setup, the UART is able to automatically handle the CTS_B pin upon transmit?


Is there documentation showing the timing diagram of the CTS_B signal with respect to the end of a transmit?

In other words, what is the timing (maximum delay) between the stop bit of the last transmitted byte and the release of the CTS_B in this automatic mode?