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Real-time Debugger SH8,variables freeze

Question asked by Abhijit Jagtap on Sep 25, 2013



I am unsure whether it is an issue of the code.

I have 2 timers, one in PWM and another in I/P capture mode

I have declared 3200 bytes of data in flash and this is a look up table for PWM sine generation.For this i have a freq = 16KHz

const uchar sin_table[] @0xE800 ={  //data}

Second i detect rising edges of an input frequency (50Hz) and try to align the PWM with these edges.


When i attach USBMULTILINK with my target and hit 'Debug' i get close results of what i expect but after a while, all the variables declared just stop updating and my PWM output waveform is lost.

Even if i remove debugger and run the code , same observation!

Is it related to stack overflow? (Stacksize = 0x50)


Please someone point out what could be wrong?


Best Regards