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FRDM PLatform problem with demo apps

Question asked by Steve Harper on Sep 25, 2013
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I am new to this development system/environment so I am feeling my way a bit.


Opened up the package yesterday for the first time. The OOBE sample app (LED,Accelerometer,touchpad app) was running OK on first power up.

I left it connected whilst I downloaded & installed CW and the PE OpenSDA drivers.


I also copied the MSD Flash Programmer app to the bootloader drive as per instructions in the QSP documentation.


Some time during this process, the original sample app pre-loaded on teh board stopped working.


I have found the pre-compiled sample apps in the QSP and can copy the .srec files to the device (drive) OK, but only 'some' of the apps work.

The blink_blue app works as does the accero_i2c_rgb app but the OOBE app doest work - it doesnt work at all so I dont know if I have knackered the board or the

comms to the device are flaky or if there is something version incompatability between by board and the sample app as included in the precomplied apps in the QSP

It seems to copy OK but doesnt see to run.


I'd like to be certain I have this bit working before I go on to find out how to copile and run sample apps from source.


What am I doing wrong?

BTW I've tried 2 versions of the MSD Flash Programmer app - MSD-FRDM-v105.SDA that was in teh QSP package and the (later?) MSD-FRDM-v112.SDA I found on the freescale website.

it didnt make a difference.