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FlexCAN 5282 Initialization

Discussion created by Paulo Proenca on Jul 25, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2008 by siva krishna
Already looked in this forum for some kind of initialization for FlexCAN interface in 5282 EVB.
The board I', using is somekind of 5282evb with some changes like 80Mhz Clock ram and flash size.
Concerning FlexCAN interface it's quite equal to evb's one.
Already read some stuff concerning this interface, 5282 manual, and tryed to use coldfire init as suggested in this forum.
Got something working, but nothing to be seen.
I configure all the registers, configure buffer 0 for TX and buffer 1 for RX, and both working with interrupts.
The fact is that when I try to send something in buffer 0, I get nothing else but errors in CAN error registry, and the message never leaves the buffer.
I guess it tries to send it forever but with out success.
Can anyone just give me some small initialization code that put it working somewhere else?
This way I can check what I'm doing wrong and put this to work...
With my best thanks in advance