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Wich MCU (KInetis ARM) to control LCD-TFT via 8080 interface ?

Question asked by Jems Lesco on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2015 by kevin shang

Hi everybody !


I'm a new member and i'm so happy to enter in the Freescale community ! I'm french and my english is not really good but i'll try to explain clearly my problem !


I want to choose the good kinetis MCU  to control my LCD-TFT display ! This display as an integer controlleur ( SSD1963 from Solomon) and could discuss with MCU with 8080 and 6800 interface ! I'm looking for a MCU which can do that but I found nothing and I supppose that it could be possible !


I hope someone have already use this kind of interface with a Kinetis and could give me some indication !


Thanks a lot !